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Friday, 22 July 2016

Approval Part 2

It's out time to be on the receiving end of things
so we really need that contract or favor  from a friend or a bank loan or something to be done for us

but we want to try to get the best not because we are in need or we desperately want something to be done we take everything and anything that we get  or is that is  offered  to us  out of desperation just to get the job done

we strive to get something that is always going to be good enough
The same way we will strive to give our best we would expect at least the best nothing more nothing less.

Blane R Bunbury

Saturday, 16 July 2016

Approval part 1

So someone ask you to do a favor maybe it's your friend or relative our neighbor across the street whatever the case you are you're trying to do your best because somehow we always try to get people's approval in some way or another .

but the truth is we can't please everyone so even though you give of your best and you mean well.

you should always remember your best will never meet everyone's approval butt despite all of this because people have their own opinions and concerns.

but at that time our best this one is needed so despite being disappointed with people's attitudes and reactions we give  Best our at least we try.  -----------> approval part 2

Blane R bunbury

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Disappointed part 2

So we continue so as we get our money not only it is not enough to cover expenses but as we strive how to take care of our responsibilities our family home business car and such like .
we come across ungrateful family members or uninterested bad workers schools service station Hospitals tax agencies or wherever we have to do business 

as if our day or week is not bad enough it can really drive you over the edge but

sometimes remembering there's a purpose for  to what you  do and all that you go through is the only thing that keeps you sane in this crazy world.

Blane R Bunbury

Disappointed part 1

So it's a the end of the day or weekend or its the end of the month
But it is time for money to be paid to you.
Time for you to pay the bills pick up the kids get the groceries you know the usual stuff
But there's no money you can't find the person or persons maybe they're running late or simply wasting your time whatever the case is they can't be found at the moment you need them

so are you angry disappointed yes do feel like breaking something or someone it's understandable after all you did work for your money

keeping your cool in such a situations as difficult as it may be my help someone who is looking on to see the kind of person that you are .....®——— {disappointed part 2}

Blane  R  bunbury