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Sunday, 24 September 2017

I am sorry

I am sorry

I am sorry for all the men women and children that had to suffer from war and hunger all because of human blunder,
   Constantly craving peaceful and stable times,  only to end up loosing time because of this ever increasing moral decline,
   I am sorry for the children being bullied for being different, or just because good opportunities were not sufficient,
   I am sorry for all the pain and strain being put on your brain, and for the stress of life that can cause even the wisest of us to act momentarily insane,
    I am sorry seems to be the only thing that one can say, to help each other to cope with the troubles and the sometimes unpredictable dismay.
                Blane r bunbury

The Land Giants

The land of giants

   Passing along Is just not an option for me as I gaze up at the majestic view as far as my eyes can see,
  I was in the land of giants which were  standing tall and towering over all there was no mistaken this at all,
   They are the amazing redwood trees with their thick beautiful rugged barks one can not helped but be filled with aw from the very  start,
    As I stand and stare up so high I can imagine the view from the top and how long it would take for the leaves to drop,
  These ancient natural wonders  only encourage my love for the natural world around me as I embrace with my heart what only my eyes can see.
                  Blane r bunbury

Friday, 22 September 2017

Fragments remain

           Fragments remain

   Janey always tried to live her life in a blissful way, but then she saw her long lost love today,  who always  kept her heart and mind in some sort of disarray,
   She was always trying hard to get her life together
Always going no matter the weather,
   To love and then lose is not something one would readily choose, but sadly we all seem to be dancing along to the  Riddim  of our very  own muse,
  Sometimes she just tries to forget the pain and regrets and the constant stress that made her mind always seem to worry and fret, 
  Sometimes she  just doesn't bother trying to move on thinking she was finally strong, giving herself that final push to go on
  Despite the  tug of war of emotions that push and pull,
she is now finally happy again ever determined  to live her life completely to the full.
                  Blane r bunbury

Thursday, 21 September 2017

In my eyes

In my eyes

It's sometimes strange to me that  from the very start  I can see art and beauty in the most unlikely of things from the very start,
    Maybe it's  that hundred  year old barn house  that has a look that is so forceful yet pronounce,
   Or is it that  family of ducks swimming In a line moving along in time as through in a Congo line,
   Perhaps it's the way that the trees sway on a Windy day filling the air with gentle music as the leaves quietly play,
    Maybe it is that old married couple aging gracefully, expressing love, warmth  and kindness so fearlessly
   No matter what it may be there is always something spectacular for me to see for in my eyes they are all just so beautiful to me,
                  Blane r bunbury 

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Adventures of royland the day i met a yellow tail part 3#

The day i met a Yellow tail part 3#

I had left the tribe's people and was on my to a jungle opening the very same path  I had use to accidentally find my way to tribe's people in the first place.
As  i was walking towards my truck I missed my step and had  broken one of  my ankles and to make matters worse I had Fallon in quicksand so it became very difficult to pull myself out of the quicksand. Shortly after however  to my surprise and shock an arrow with a rope  shot across my shoulder and someone shouting "grab hold  grab hold"
It turned out to be  galis apparently she had been following me for some time all the way from the old nepelang tower. and believe me I was very glad that she had followed me  so after helping me out of the quicksand  she help to walk back to her camp while we started to  make our way to the tribe's settlement  we were met by two of the tribe's warriors apparently when  galis  had secretly left and started  following me two warriors had been sent after her to keep her safe however this was done without her knowledge. So the warriors help me  back to the settlement of the tribe, by the time we reach the tribe I was already getting a fever because of my broken ankle so I was treated and given a place to rest, I was so tired and exhausted by this time that I just fell asleep by  the next time I woke up it was about twenty  hours after and galis was right there  crouching over sleeping on my stomach I was surprise that she had spend
her time nursing me back to health and keeping a watchful eye over me, she had taken a real interest in my wellbeing and I was truly appreciative of her for her caring personality.
    I was  grateful for the help and care so I began to speak with galis at length we enjoyed each other's company very much we would have our meals together and sometimes even sleep together in the cave.
  I was off my legs and resting for a number days before I could move around  with bamboo supports to help me walk,
  the tribe's people were very happy to see me moving around  I was a brother to some a son to others but I was treated as a friend to by them all.
  It was as if was home among these sometimes strange and ancient people I truly begun to see first hand the life and struggle of everyday ins and out of these people.
   I was amazed at how from the smallest to greatest could swim and even fish it was great indeed. As I made my way back to my cave to get some needed rest galis's uncle the Chief stopped me and asked me fallow him to his cave and it is then that he asked me to join with  his daughter galis's only cousin who also was already married to four husbands.
  I was of course very Happy to be worthy of such an offer
"Now I had already been familiar with the cultural and traditional customs of the nepelang ruling families and how the women are the ones that take more than one husband of the choices of  the men in the tribe" so as you can understand I very grateful for such a privilege but I was given time to consider the offer.
  So I returned to my dwelling place I could not sleep that whole night because I was worried about galis and her feelings towards me and even though I knew that  someday I will eventually have to leave the tribe's people and go back to my work and my homeland I was still tormented by feelings of guilt about the whole matter,
because I truly was attached and attracted to galis only so even though the offer that the Chief made to me on behalf of his daughter was an honour.
   I told galis about the offer her uncle made to me but as I was writing by words to her in the Sandy mud I could not help but feel guilty for even thinking about the offer so galis looks at me and tell to become her( half- arm ) which  Expression means according to my understanding of the ancient writings she is asking me to become her temporary husband so now I am really confused but also happy because I am going to be with the one I am truly  appreciate and care about even if it is only temporary so this according to  nepelang tradition.
   So I became her husband but I also had to  became the husband of her cousin also which I did not  mind because it was accepted by the Chief and the rest of the tribe. I was about to enter into the inner circle of the camp settlement I was greeted with songs and dancing of the tribe's warrior maidens that would normally go out with the men they went hunting or when the men warriors would go to patrol the boundaries of the tribe.
   I got a chance to see once again to see the dancing and singing of the children which I was now seeing and enjoying a second time. But this time my face was painted in a different way because now I was a tribal husband to two different women and I was temporarily treated as royalty for the duration of my stay. I was about to take a walk around the village to look at some of sights I was not able to see before I my special position as a member of the Royal family,
  It was great to get to see the treasure trove of cultural riches and hidden icons  of the Royal families who went before galis's family. as an archeologist and anthropologist
I was truly excited to see and learn because this type things and information  could not be found on any monuments or artifacts that has  been excavated.
I was taken along to a flat mud room that was maintained  by the women of the tribe it was apparently the place in witch their dead  was buried  and it was below surface of the ground witch also keep their families clean and free from infections by this time I had learned how to speak the spoken form of the nepelang language.
    About three month had passed since I was healing from injury and It had come time for me leave and go back to my work, I was asked to allow some the  the tribesmen to accompany me back to my truck located about one mile away from the tribe but asked the asked the chief to only allow the men to follow me about half way for fare that the tribe might be discovered by hustile outsiders and he agreed.
   I was feeling very unsure about where my next adventure would take me but I knew that I always had a place in hearts of the amazing tribes people.

Monday, 18 September 2017

I bought the world

       I bought the  world

whether it is from China, Germany, North Korea or  Brazil, Mexico  or even Singapore It really does not matter any more,
   Teas cars and toys galore all that you  could be looking for,
   Shop till you drop or choose to stop or fill up your basket right to the top,
    You can really visit the world for shore just pick a line on each and every floor or walk around in  each and every store,
   Get your blankets or scarves
Or your favorite sweet treat,
Or maybe an old friend you just might happen to meet,
   It seems you can buy the world if you want it all, just go down to your local shopping mall, and check out each and every shop going from bottom to the top because the shopping adventure  never stops.
                   Blane r bunbury


Growing old

                    Growing old

As an old man to me  looking at the world everyone and everything is so wild and free,  Children playing out of doors so young and free somehow makes me feel so happy,   In my good old days it was so bright and clear  well of course I did not have this enclosed fear,
  The fear of not fitting in with this new generation sometimes can bring me so much frustration,  But I always try never to despair,  as my family and grandchildren helps relieve my fear,  Growing old has not  always been easy Sometimes grumpy sometimes mad  sometimes a little bit sad but mostly glad,
   Sometimes it aches and pains when outside gets  cold but I guess that is all part of growing old,  A nice little fire will keep us nice, warm and calm with a good old story to bring on the charm, 
  Old or young I have had my fun
Now I spend all my time trying to take  care of my precious little ones.
                   Blane r bunbury

Sunday, 17 September 2017

A single drop

A single drop

Sleep has left my eyes for the night I am again anxious and filled with fright,
  But this time I am anxious with hope, awaiting good news witch  helps me to cope,
  A miracle was about to take place  to welcome  the world's newest smiling face,
   A little angel  was about to be born being welcomed into the world just like the early dawn,
   I was the world's newest uncle
Wrap up nicely she was  just the cutest little bundle,
  I started to smile until I could not stop so full of joy I cried a lonely  single drop,
  Protect her I must in this world  that can be so cruel and unjust,
  Not always knowing who you can trust,
  My happiness cannot  ever  be stopped not even after I  have cried my lonely single drop.
                   Blane r bunbury

The nepelang man

The nepelang man

   My name is woogi standing tall like a tree I strive to be,
Strong and determined I must prove to be to protect and to  provide for my family,
   Religion and politics we have none, young or old we all live as one,
      Thankful for the life  that I live thankful for the life of my animal companions that I sometimes must  take,
     to live and survive  seems to be one of our only traits to  respect life, love and nature in this  our  continued fragile state,
   Kindness and compassion are what  we strive to show the ways of war we do not know,
  I and my people will live with true dignity and as simple as can be,
     I am a nepelang man and I am proud of it refusing to settle or to sit,
    I will  love and protect my family because they mean that much to me. and they love and Care for me as each time and season has shown to be,
                   Blane r bunbury

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Journey to myself

Journey to myself

  Frustrated as I started to walk out alone and scared as I started to shout,
  This stressful life has taken its told on me relief from troubles and strife I cannot see,
  But little by little i began to see that the problem was all with me,
  I was  excessively worried about what could not be changed causing myself  undue pain and strain
Now optimism has become my  friend It's my constant companion around every corner and every bend,
  So as I look at the world  anew embracing a different  point of view to myself I will  remain true,
   Worried no more now choosing never to Wear a frown Keeping my happiness as good and  as sound,
                Blane  r bunbury

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Little Donny

Little Donny

Little Donny climbed up the tree just to see what he could see,
He leaps  from branch to branch until he ripped his  little cotton pants,
He climbed up on my shoulder and takes a seat to enjoy his favorite bowl of little treats,
  Giving him time and attention
Is all he seems to need as he plays up and down  taking little bits as he feeds,
He is the best pet monkey ever He's the cutest little fella and is just so clever.
As his day of fun is  all well and done he calms down to take his nap laying down quietly in my lap.

              Blane  r bunbury

My tribe

                      My tribe

   I love my tribe we live full and free always trying to see the world as it's ment to be,
Never caring for much in our lives has always led to the lack of  strife,
  Ever moving from place to place as the wind kisses our sunburnt face,
Always keeping our integrity  true to ourselves we choose to be,
  Elders clap their hands and sing of the bounty  that the harvest always brings,
As children join in the dance and song we all chime in and just sing along,
No one in the world is as happy as me because in my Tribe  there will always be a place for me.                      
                 Blane  r bunbury

Sunday, 27 August 2017

The day i went to town

         The day I went to town

The day had come to go to town
And as always I was wearing a frown,
Boiling hot sun and dusty old roads always made me hold my nose,
   The smell of fruits ,vegetables and  the lovely spices, only made things worse by the very high prices ,
   Noisy smelly animals seemed always to be around, being sold and bought all over our small little town,
   Children running and skipping all around, old folks quietly sleeping not making a sound,
   As I hurry to finish my shopping and get out of town there was no need to have my continuous frown,
    Because despite all of this when the day was done, a day on the town can even prove to be a little fun. 
                 Blane r bunbury

Mr. France

Mr. France

Mr France always  loved to dance always moving around doing his little prance,
  He always seemed so funny like a chubby little bunny,
But one of the nicest people you will ever meet as you walk down any old busy market Street,
  All the children  would laugh and play with Mr. France each  and every day,
   Mr. France was an energetic old fellow who like to  play the guitar, flute and the cello .
  so the next time you are on a busy old market street Mr. France Might be the first person who you  happen to meet.
                 Blane  r bunbury

Sunday, 30 July 2017

To The jungle

               To The jungle

Walking through the jungle was like a breeze animals seem to always have a life of ease,
  Monkeys jumping from Vine to Vine the little ones always playing no matter the time,
sloths hugging trees  here or there hanging around without a care,
  ants in a line all moving in time, always working hard moving around in the dirt and grime,
   As I stop and check them all, I cannot deny  the endearment of nature's amazing call,
   walking in the jungle is always  so much fun, despite the insects and sometimes me getting lost and  of course the unmistakable hot sun.               
               Blane r bunbury

Friday, 28 July 2017

Losing Mind and time

Losing mind and time

It seems like we are all walking around in and out of our minds
And forever  continuously losing time,
Never minding what we say and do,people all around but not even wanting to look at you,
Everyone in a hurry to get nowhere fast doing their best just to barely greet as they pass,
We all seem to be so tightly tuned in and out of life
That they seem to be no end  in sight  for this Pitiful plight,
As for me not  having enough time to mind what's mine I hope I don't spend forever trying to safeguard my own little mind.
                 Blane r bunbury

Monday, 24 July 2017

Market day

                 Market day

From the hill they come with happy faces walking each one taking their places,
Baskets full of food to share
Market day was finally here,
Coming and going all day long
They all seem to be humming along to some kind of song,
Stopping to greet along the way
All the women seem to have a lot to always say,
As market day comes to an end
everyone bids goodbye to their long time friend,
It may have not been the best day for everyone but they all shore know how to have some good old fashioned fun in the sun.
                   Blane r bunbury

Sunday, 23 July 2017


                    Fire Fire

Fire fire burning bright
Fire fire giving us light

Fire fire burning bright
All through this Long cold night

Fire fire burning bright
Fire protect us all this night
With your ever burning  Guardian light.

              Blane r bunbury

The smiling Lady

               The smiling lady

Grandma Lindy was a smiling old lady Always hugging or kissing someone's baby,
Giving her time and attention to all with her around there was a happy face on us all,
She was gentle and kind
Until it was time for her to unwind, She liked Dancing from side to side just  doing her own little jive, with her walking stick tapping the floor she made her way to the door, Retiring to her room for the night
With her little candle light,
chipper and jolly as can be always smiling for all to see.
                Blane r bunbury

Friday, 21 July 2017

babies are cute

             Babies are cute

  Babies are fun, babies are cute  they make the most of noise Even though they seem to be mute,
   They roll, they crawl, they trip, they fall, with them on the prowl there's never a dull moment at all,
    They look so cute when they sleep that you just can't help but kiss  their little feet,
   Babies are really truly cute especially in their little boots,
   Laughter always fills the air
As they play without a care,
  Babies are just the cutest thing especially if they try to sing,
   Forever beautiful and cute they will be, as we cherish this new member  of our family.

                Blane r bunbury

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

I bump my foot

               I bump my foot

Walking along I bump my foot
Walking along I refused to look,
I fell to the ground and I started to frown, Something had caused me to fall to the ground,
I jumped up quickly just to see
To see what really it could be,
It was a big old rock just stuck in the road And to my surprised it turned out to be gold,
To everyone passing in their  big flashy cars  I was just the town beggar with my many little jars,
I  paid them no mind as I started to dig, With a great big grin, dancing around and doing a jig.
When I got home with my big old rock,  I put it into a  big iron pot.
I was jumping up and down  you see Because bumping my foot had made me so so happy.
                  Blane r bunbury

Wednesday, 12 July 2017



"Butterfly flying high in the sky
You are beautiful no one can deny,
Butterfly on my window  sill
Looking at you is such a trill,
Butterfly  flying high and free
If only I could be as free as thee,
Butterfly with wings like golden dust Butterfly o how I adore you so much,
Looking at your beautiful wings as they sway butterfly I hope you have come to stay.

                 Blane r bunbury


                O little flowers

"O little flowers from the ground
You grow
You are so beautiful this I know
O little flowers you Bloom for all to see
O little flowers you make me so happy
You bask in the sun rain and snow
But still your beauty will forever show


             Blane r bunbury



Down the deep dark hole I went,
As I slid down this long descent,
I started to fair no one was coming for me
As I shouted help all aimlessly

Week and tired as I started to sleep
But I heard voices of people shouting out for me
I  felt a sigh of relief someone has come to look for me
Help help  I tried to cry out
Hoping somehow my week voice would reach out

Then I saw a rope coming down
And they all started to shout
just hold So we can pull you out!!
As I reached the top to see smiling happy faces greeting me
I was as  happy as can  be, being  reunited with my friends and family.

                 Blane r bunbury

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Yellow fellow.

Yellow little fellow

Touch the little fellow that is yellow,
Touch the little fellow that is
We we we can you see he is always smiling at me.
Touch the little fellow that is
Yellow, he is such a cheerful
Little fellow.



               Blane r bunbury


           The pumpkin patch

Walking  through my pumpkin patch,
Just  swinging my  little old cricket bat, As I walk through happily
All the birds come flying
down to eat, So as they start on their attack I begin to swing my little old bat,
Trying to chase them away you see ,because each of my pumpkin is very dear to me,
I can only hope they will just fly off Peacefully 
Leaving my work and me to be,
Wishful thinking I always say
Because from day  to day
they seem to always come out to play, So as I start another day on time even with a gleam of Hope and  sadness
I will be Protecting each of my  pumpkin Vines
Because to me they are truly  divine.               
                  Blane r bunbury

Monday, 26 June 2017

Adventures of royland - trees

              - ON sacred Land -

                        The trees


I had received an invitation from  one of my  archaeologist  frinds to help her out with a new discovery found in the amazon rainforest of a partly standing structure with nepelang markings on its base and inner walls so that she can get permission from the local government to be able to  have an  organized dig started.
     I was only given the directions of how to get to  this monument in the amazon but which path to take was not told to me, so i was off to my new and exciting adventure to explore this nepelang monument, as soon as I arrived I made shore of checking my maps and outdoor gear all was ready and set  for me to make the long walk to this monument.
About two hours in a came to an unmistakably strange set of trees cut off at the stumps  so since it was not going to take me away from my predetermined destination I decided it would not hurt me to walk through and check them out as I passed. But as soon as I placed my first step on the edge of the first tree an arrow shot across me making a deep cut on my right shoulder so I stopped as I realize I had just done  something very wrong my passed experiences with ancient civilizations and cultures have thought me to always be careful about disturbing or damaging important monuments. I had no idea what this was all about but was soon about to find out what exactly I had done wrong.
    At this point I am  in a lot of pain in my right shoulder  because of the arrow that hit me,  but I still try to reach out my hands up and out to show I have no weapons of any sort  but the tribesmen shouted at me  in some strange language, and it's at this point  that I got a  surprising shock,
    A man was  coming up from underground from  under one of the trees and telling me to be calm so I quickly ask him what did I do to cause the tribesmen to shoot arrows at me he explained that I had stepped on sacred ground and it was forbidden for an outsider to be on their land, I quickly apologize  for the misunderstanding and I was invited to join them in their underground home, now I was excited not only was I about   to experience an amazing way of life but to interact with a totally new tribe of people
  As we got inside I was treated for my  injury  by one of their tribe doctors using some sort of pounded tree bark, it was then  I am  introduced to the chiefs of the tribe which was the man I met earlier and his brother, they ask me what was my  reason for being out in this part of the forest I explained that I am an archaeologist  and that I  was hoping to explore   a nearby ancient monument  so they said that they knew of a large structure  that was up river and that  it's the only large  structure along the river and that it may be what I was looking for, and that I just needed to follow the the river and I would eventually get to it.  I ask  them how is it that they speak English like me then  one of them  explained to me that "we  trade the skins of animals with the  outside buyers on the mainland and they would trade spices and oils with our people so the language after a while became popular to us  and easy to speak", so I then curiously asked how is it that tribes people lived underground   I am told that the trees and the ground is all sacred  ancestral land and that "Many years ago outsiders came to the land to get the medicinal tree bark and plants that the land produced we tried to keep them away from desecrating our ancestors land but they still came and again and again trying to cut  from the trees, fighting over  the land broke out between the two peoples  and both sides took losses, so finally we decided to cut off the top of the trees to prevent the outsiders from coming back and  ever take any thing from our land again and we  decided to dig a set of large underground tunnels in the ground directly under each tree and that is how the tribe survived all these years  with out any outside influences"  so I was given a brief tour of the tunnels  Underground and it was an amazing spectacle They had everything from water and food to separate isolated  Chambers for sleeping and even  burying the Dead  and with  small areas for  plants and cooking they explained that for bathing they used the river or sometimes they collected rainwater and would clean themselves underground if is that the river  became occupied with outsiders, one of them told "we don't hate outsiders we never did but our people and our land is very  important to us and  to keep us safe we limit our dealings with them" I explained that I understand the value of their reason. I was told that for meat that they hunted  in the nearby forests and that is how they got there meat and animal skins for trading. I was allowed to spend time with them until my injury had healed enough for me to take my  leave and be on my way , but  I was not granted to take any pictures of their lives or location  I was happy to accept this because it meant I would be allowed to have knowledge about a people I never knew existed. I was given two unmarried women to tend to my needs for it was against the their tradition for a married woman to take care of a man other than her husband or her father if he no longer has a wife,  as time went on for about two  days  one of the tribeswomen that was tending to me  took a  liking to me,  and as excited and pleased  by whole prospect of a beautiful tribeswoman becoming mine, I knew it was probably not allowed, as it was explained to me  it was not accepted among them, and was   forbidden for someone outside of the tribe to  be married to one of their own as this keeps the bloodline pure and the identity of the tribe safe and it brings honour to their ancestors.  I respectfully explained that it was never my intention to interfere with their cultural tradition  and i thanked them for explaining their way of life to me, as two more days had passed, it was time for me to take my leave of this amazing people as I was about to be on my way  I was given medicinal  tree barks and plant roots and told how to use it if  and when needed . I said my goodbyes and headed out because I still needed to get to the nepelang monument up river after all that was the reason for my trip to the amazon forest in  the first place so I left the tribespeople and begun my long walk once more.

Saturday, 24 June 2017

Adventures of royland-hot*1

         Trip to  volcano island
                Part one

I was heading out to sea once again  but this time  not  for the fish or the ocean view but to look for an island lost to history, it was nicknamed volcano island because of having many small volcanoes taking over the island surface,  and  that a possible tribe settlement still lived there after all these years really excited me, I did not know if they are of the nepelang  people or not but they  are said to be good with their hands and have a rich cultural  lifestyle  and are a very advanced people I wanted to do own experiment with the island.
    I was  very excited about getting to the island and doing my own investigation of  it's tribe's people  , as  my digging crew and I was about thirty minutes out when we saw smoke ascending and what seemed to be old stone walls so we knew that it was still inhabited by people. however we had no idea of knowing if they are the kind of people to be  violent or welcoming to strangers but we were about to find out,
As  soon as we step foot on the beach we saw a little girl coming towards us with flowers in her hands to meet us. At first I  was confused as  to why a child will be running out to meet us but I knew from past  experiences Situations like this can be a test of some kind  from the tribes people for first contact situations, or it can be dangerous trap leading to an ambush of some sort, so I  knelt down to the  small child and accepted the flowers and smiled and I told my  dig crew to do the same .
    And then the islanders came out to meet us with  Spears in one hand and baskets  full of fruits  in the other hand and saying welcome  to us, in our own English  language  but more like a Victorian old style of English they sounded strange saying it with their tribal slang, but we became so relieved that  they are a friendly kind of people,  they now stepped aside for their elders to greet us who  explained that we needed to get inland, away from the sea as they lived  in the middle of the island, as we got closer to the middle of the island  to the settlement  of the tribe I notice that their home was a large  building with some partial nepelang markings. And just as I was getting excited  We were told to stop and wait and follow what  the  elders say.
so I told  my crew to jut follow everything that they are told to do so as  not to needlessly offend anyone,
As we go inside the building I noticed that the we started to walk slowly down a slope,
as it turns out  the building was designed with a slope for a reason as I later learned it was to help gather rain water which was very valuable to the tribes people because of the  continuous hot temperatures of  the island water gets easily evaporated on the island's surface
So they catch the water as the rain falls and would allow it flow down to be stored underground.
     As we get all the way down to my surprise there was a extremely large structure Underground full of rooms and compartments with gold writing on the walls all the way down on both sides as far as can be seen  these people were  more advanced than I thought and without a doubt it was all nepelang language and cultural markings all over  I was very excited to see and learn more.


Friday, 23 June 2017

Adventures of royland - y tail

      The day I met a yellow tail 

                    #  Part one

I was climbing up the side of an ancient nepelang tower in west Africa it was kind of slippery and wet as the rain had just fallen I carefully climbed up examining the markings on the wall as i go up after all that was my job as an archeologist and    anthropologist.
   As I got closer to the top  I saw a shadow In an opening in what  seemed to be a window of some kind so I looked inside and to my  Shock  and surprise I saw  a woman sitting in the sunlight coming from the other side of the tower so I decided to go in to take a look because no  one was  supposed to be there 

 I tried to approach her but as soon as she saw  me approaching she throw a  spear at me it closely missed my head I tried to explain that I was not a dangerous person and  she answered me with the nepelang language which was impossible because the nepelang people are all extinct and only ruins of their culture and passed lives are left behind on monuments like the one I was standing in I could not speak the language  verbally but I could understand and read it .
  she tells  me no one is allowed to be in the tower  but her people now I become even more confused so I wrote on the  mossy wall with my finger asking her to take me to her people as she tells me to follow her but as she turned around I saw she has a tail  she looks back and sees me looking at her tail and shouted at me to stop it, that it was a sign of disrespect for someone other than her father to look at her tail, so I curiously follow her to see her people, which I am still in disbelief about,  as I  know this woman is not even suppose to exist but I went along with her ,and as we got to her people they all bowed down to her that is  when I realize that she was some kind of royalty or something, the Chief of the tribe comes up to me and points a  bamboo rod  at me at this the warriors  tied me  up with Vines
and its then I notice that they all have a small yellow tail I wrote in the  muddy sand with my toes I come in piece the Chief now ask me how I know their language I explained to him that in the outside world people had been studying the ancient markings of the nepelang people for hundreds of years and he said that his tribe was cut off from his ancestors for being  cursed because of having a tail .
He Tells me it all started when a fire rock fell into the river and the people begin to drink of it's water and got sick and then they all  started to grow a tail now  so all the generations after were  born with the yellow tail.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017


If we give ourselves time to examine people around us we will definitely see that most are all fixed on their own careers Riches and everything that comes with it sometimes even their own families take the back stage
People's priorities are certainly different now than they were 10 to 15 years ago

Blane r bunbury