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Sunday, 30 July 2017

To The jungle

               To The jungle

Walking through the jungle was like a breeze animals seem to always have a life of ease,
  Monkeys jumping from Vine to Vine the little ones always playing no matter the time,
sloths hugging trees  here or there hanging around without a care,
  ants in a line all moving in time, always working hard moving around in the dirt and grime,
   As I stop and check them all, I cannot deny  the endearment of nature's amazing call,
   walking in the jungle is always  so much fun, despite the insects and sometimes me getting lost and  of course the unmistakable hot sun.               
               Blane r bunbury

Friday, 28 July 2017

Losing Mind and time

Losing mind and time

It seems like we are all walking around in and out of our minds
And forever  continuously losing time,
Never minding what we say and do,people all around but not even wanting to look at you,
Everyone in a hurry to get nowhere fast doing their best just to barely greet as they pass,
We all seem to be so tightly tuned in and out of life
That they seem to be no end  in sight  for this Pitiful plight,
As for me not  having enough time to mind what's mine I hope I don't spend forever trying to safeguard my own little mind.
                 Blane r bunbury

Monday, 24 July 2017

Market day

                 Market day

From the hill they come with happy faces walking each one taking their places,
Baskets full of food to share
Market day was finally here,
Coming and going all day long
They all seem to be humming along to some kind of song,
Stopping to greet along the way
All the women seem to have a lot to always say,
As market day comes to an end
everyone bids goodbye to their long time friend,
It may have not been the best day for everyone but they all shore know how to have some good old fashioned fun in the sun.
                   Blane r bunbury

Sunday, 23 July 2017


                    Fire Fire

Fire fire burning bright
Fire fire giving us light

Fire fire burning bright
All through this Long cold night

Fire fire burning bright
Fire protect us all this night
With your ever burning  Guardian light.

              Blane r bunbury

The smiling Lady

               The smiling lady

Grandma Lindy was a smiling old lady Always hugging or kissing someone's baby,
Giving her time and attention to all with her around there was a happy face on us all,
She was gentle and kind
Until it was time for her to unwind, She liked Dancing from side to side just  doing her own little jive, with her walking stick tapping the floor she made her way to the door, Retiring to her room for the night
With her little candle light,
chipper and jolly as can be always smiling for all to see.
                Blane r bunbury

Friday, 21 July 2017

babies are cute

             Babies are cute

  Babies are fun, babies are cute  they make the most of noise Even though they seem to be mute,
   They roll, they crawl, they trip, they fall, with them on the prowl there's never a dull moment at all,
    They look so cute when they sleep that you just can't help but kiss  their little feet,
   Babies are really truly cute especially in their little boots,
   Laughter always fills the air
As they play without a care,
  Babies are just the cutest thing especially if they try to sing,
   Forever beautiful and cute they will be, as we cherish this new member  of our family.

                Blane r bunbury

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

I bump my foot

               I bump my foot

Walking along I bump my foot
Walking along I refused to look,
I fell to the ground and I started to frown, Something had caused me to fall to the ground,
I jumped up quickly just to see
To see what really it could be,
It was a big old rock just stuck in the road And to my surprised it turned out to be gold,
To everyone passing in their  big flashy cars  I was just the town beggar with my many little jars,
I  paid them no mind as I started to dig, With a great big grin, dancing around and doing a jig.
When I got home with my big old rock,  I put it into a  big iron pot.
I was jumping up and down  you see Because bumping my foot had made me so so happy.
                  Blane r bunbury

Wednesday, 12 July 2017



"Butterfly flying high in the sky
You are beautiful no one can deny,
Butterfly on my window  sill
Looking at you is such a trill,
Butterfly  flying high and free
If only I could be as free as thee,
Butterfly with wings like golden dust Butterfly o how I adore you so much,
Looking at your beautiful wings as they sway butterfly I hope you have come to stay.

                 Blane r bunbury


                O little flowers

"O little flowers from the ground
You grow
You are so beautiful this I know
O little flowers you Bloom for all to see
O little flowers you make me so happy
You bask in the sun rain and snow
But still your beauty will forever show


             Blane r bunbury



Down the deep dark hole I went,
As I slid down this long descent,
I started to fair no one was coming for me
As I shouted help all aimlessly

Week and tired as I started to sleep
But I heard voices of people shouting out for me
I  felt a sigh of relief someone has come to look for me
Help help  I tried to cry out
Hoping somehow my week voice would reach out

Then I saw a rope coming down
And they all started to shout
just hold So we can pull you out!!
As I reached the top to see smiling happy faces greeting me
I was as  happy as can  be, being  reunited with my friends and family.

                 Blane r bunbury

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Yellow fellow.

Yellow little fellow

Touch the little fellow that is yellow,
Touch the little fellow that is
We we we can you see he is always smiling at me.
Touch the little fellow that is
Yellow, he is such a cheerful
Little fellow.



               Blane r bunbury


           The pumpkin patch

Walking  through my pumpkin patch,
Just  swinging my  little old cricket bat, As I walk through happily
All the birds come flying
down to eat, So as they start on their attack I begin to swing my little old bat,
Trying to chase them away you see ,because each of my pumpkin is very dear to me,
I can only hope they will just fly off Peacefully 
Leaving my work and me to be,
Wishful thinking I always say
Because from day  to day
they seem to always come out to play, So as I start another day on time even with a gleam of Hope and  sadness
I will be Protecting each of my  pumpkin Vines
Because to me they are truly  divine.               
                  Blane r bunbury