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Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Adventures of royland --witch

                       A  witch

                 Unexpected love

I got lost yet again in a jungle in south America but this time i was passing through checking out some of the exotic animals and trees when i made my way to an open space of land with lots of swamps and beautiful stones I Bent over to pick up one  of the stones to check out it's shape and design up close, I was not paying attention to my surroundings at the time,   and  I got bitten by  a snake I didn't even know what kind of snake it was . I started to get all  disoriented and started  stumbling around i had  lost all  my food stuff  and all I had left  was  a half canteen of water so as I was  stumbling around to find a river or something, all  the while my body was getting more and more lazy from the snake bite  and in the process of doing so I blacked out.  When I regained consciousness I woke up to the smell of spices and burning wood and a strange woman standing over me, I  was still partly drowsy and just  fell asleep again but as soon as I woke up the second time  this  same woman asked me how I was feeling I replied I was feeling better but I was still confused as  to who she was and  how I got there in the strange  cabin with her taking care of me, so I quickly asked her to please tell me who are you? she  answered and said her name was Robin and she was a healer and herbalist  and that i was in  her home, so i thanked her for saving my life and taking care of me she smiled and tells me to relax  and just let her take care of me until I was able to move around. she said that  she was expecting me  I lift up my head and asked her if she was a witch or something  how could you possibly have been expecting me?   she just smiled  and laugh out loud at my question and replied that  she  was not a which, but that she saw me  from a distance stumbling around  coming in the direction of  her cabin and as I  collapsed on the ground that she brought me  back to the cabin with her truck . I however I was not so  convinced about her answer that easily after all the smell and look of  her  cabin was very strange with bottles of different colorful liquids and spices and leaves all over the place,  I was grateful for the help, But I was still curious about this strange woman however I accepted her help thankfully, and decided to stay with her until I was OK enough to move and be on my way.I was really enjoying my time spent with her after all she was a very beautiful woman and easy to talk to, I asked her how come she  was living alone so far away from the closest nearby town she immediately started crying and told me that she understood why I had  mistaken her for a which because her grandmother and one of her mother's sisters practiced which craft and as a  young girl she was expected  to learn it because it was part of her family's  tradition. So because of the view of  the people in the community she grew up in, she decided to live in isolation and makes money by selling her herbal medicine to people in the small villages nearby. I  apologise for making her uncomfortable with my question but she said that it was OK and wiped her eyes, I  of course was trying not to be judgemental about her background  and that of her family or her profession, after all I was a guest  in her home and she had saved my life the more I spent time with her the more I realize how amazing she was with healing and remedies for virtually everything. She was great at a lot of things From hunting for animals and fishing  to mountain climbing   she was just great, about a week after staying with her I found  myself  beginning to feel more attached to this  strange woman every day we would have long meaningful conversation and learn more about each other, after all there was not much more to do  other than just sitting around waiting to get better, so I asked her if she ever had a family of her own she laughed and said she has a  eleven year old  daughter who stayed with her mother in the city in order to go to shcool and that she visited from time to time.  she then asked me about my family all I told her was about my ex wife and of my  bad love life  so we both started laughing and continued to drink   some of her homemade wine which was amazing a little bit too sweet for me, but it taste amazing never the less.we talked to early hours of the morning  until we fell asleep, when I woke up she was laying on my chest fast asleep I was fascinated with this woman not only did she save my life but she took a liking to me very easily.  As  the day went on I tried to make myself useful around the cabin and to get some exercise as she drives out to sell her herbal medicine in a nearby village, I started to snoop around looking to see what  and if I could learn more about her and I stumbled upon a skull turned upside down I almost drop it out of shock but i quickly put it back before I did something I would regret later when she came back in the evening she immediately came and checked out my  hand that had been bitten by the snake, the swelling and redness was not as bad as a week ago when we met but still painful she changed my bandages and went to making dinner for us, as robin  Bent down on  the floor she picked up the skull and asked me if I moved it I stuttered yes  and that I found it  while looking around and as i looked at her face  i saw  she was very angry that she started to break things all the time not saying a word to me and she just turns to me and started crying and shouting "yes OK  yes I am a witch  at least I use to be one as a teenager my grandmother made me practice the magical arts from a young age and I was very good at it but I hated the way people looked at us like we were evil, I had no friends and no normal life so I gradually moved away from that part of my family. the skull you found belong to my great great grandmother who was a great white witch and a healer to many people in her time, but when she died my great grandmother ,my grandmother and my aunt wrote a spell on the skull so that is why I have been keeping it all these years because it means a lot to my family when I saw that you found it I  thought  that  you would you get disgusted or even scared of me and  that you would want to leave and continue on your journey  I am just tired of people keeping away from me because of misunderstanding me so that is why I got angry when you  had found the skull " I apologize for snooping around and told her that I had never planned on leaving  even if you was a witch, and that I was an open minded person I admitted that I was  shocked at first because I had never met someone like her before Then she calmed down. I explained that I liked staying with her in the cabin, as we had  our dinner later that night, she looks over at me and just pounced on me and started kissing me and the feeling was the same for me as I had fallen   in love with this strange but amazing woman I ended up spending tree more weeks with her going out from time to time to check out the nearby forest as I  had really loved the outdoors. but I still had to go back to my archaeological work, the day I was about to leave her we spent the whole day in each other's arms just doing nothing but eating bits and pieces of fruit and  enjoying each other's company, I decided to leave at night because I wanted to see the nearby villages at night so we derived from the cabin to all the nearby villages stopping at different spots enjoying  some of the culture of locals, as me  and Robin  reached a transport station we hugged, kissed and said our goodbyes as I promised to see her again as soon as I am back in south America, and I left for my next work project. 

Monday, 26 June 2017

Adventures of royland - trees

              - ON sacred Land -

                        The trees


I had received an invitation from  one of my  archaeologist  frinds to help her out with a new discovery found in the amazon rainforest of a partly standing structure with nepelang markings on its base and inner walls so that she can get permission from the local government to be able to  have an  organized dig started.
     I was only given the directions of how to get to  this monument in the amazon but which path to take was not told to me, so i was off to my new and exciting adventure to explore this nepelang monument, as soon as I arrived I made shore of checking my maps and outdoor gear all was ready and set  for me to make the long walk to this monument.
About two hours in a came to an unmistakably strange set of trees cut off at the stumps  so since it was not going to take me away from my predetermined destination I decided it would not hurt me to walk through and check them out as I passed. But as soon as I placed my first step on the edge of the first tree an arrow shot across me making a deep cut on my right shoulder so I stopped as I realize I had just done  something very wrong my passed experiences with ancient civilizations and cultures have thought me to always be careful about disturbing or damaging important monuments. I had no idea what this was all about but was soon about to find out what exactly I had done wrong.
    At this point I am  in a lot of pain in my right shoulder  because of the arrow that hit me,  but I still try to reach out my hands up and out to show I have no weapons of any sort  but the tribesmen shouted at me  in some strange language, and it's at this point  that I got a  surprising shock,
    A man was  coming up from underground from  under one of the trees and telling me to be calm so I quickly ask him what did I do to cause the tribesmen to shoot arrows at me he explained that I had stepped on sacred ground and it was forbidden for an outsider to be on their land, I quickly apologize  for the misunderstanding and I was invited to join them in their underground home, now I was excited not only was I about   to experience an amazing way of life but to interact with a totally new tribe of people
  As we got inside I was treated for my  injury  by one of their tribe doctors using some sort of pounded tree bark, it was then  I am  introduced to the chiefs of the tribe which was the man I met earlier and his brother, they ask me what was my  reason for being out in this part of the forest I explained that I am an archaeologist  and that I  was hoping to explore   a nearby ancient monument  so they said that they knew of a large structure  that was up river and that  it's the only large  structure along the river and that it may be what I was looking for, and that I just needed to follow the the river and I would eventually get to it.  I ask  them how is it that they speak English like me then  one of them  explained to me that "we  trade the skins of animals with the  outside buyers on the mainland and they would trade spices and oils with our people so the language after a while became popular to us  and easy to speak", so I then curiously asked how is it that tribes people lived underground   I am told that the trees and the ground is all sacred  ancestral land and that "Many years ago outsiders came to the land to get the medicinal tree bark and plants that the land produced we tried to keep them away from desecrating our ancestors land but they still came and again and again trying to cut  from the trees, fighting over  the land broke out between the two peoples  and both sides took losses, so finally we decided to cut off the top of the trees to prevent the outsiders from coming back and  ever take any thing from our land again and we  decided to dig a set of large underground tunnels in the ground directly under each tree and that is how the tribe survived all these years  with out any outside influences"  so I was given a brief tour of the tunnels  Underground and it was an amazing spectacle They had everything from water and food to separate isolated  Chambers for sleeping and even  burying the Dead  and with  small areas for  plants and cooking they explained that for bathing they used the river or sometimes they collected rainwater and would clean themselves underground if is that the river  became occupied with outsiders, one of them told "we don't hate outsiders we never did but our people and our land is very  important to us and  to keep us safe we limit our dealings with them" I explained that I understand the value of their reason. I was told that for meat that they hunted  in the nearby forests and that is how they got there meat and animal skins for trading. I was allowed to spend time with them until my injury had healed enough for me to take my  leave and be on my way , but  I was not granted to take any pictures of their lives or location  I was happy to accept this because it meant I would be allowed to have knowledge about a people I never knew existed. I was given two unmarried women to tend to my needs for it was against the their tradition for a married woman to take care of a man other than her husband or her father if he no longer has a wife,  as time went on for about two  days  one of the tribeswomen that was tending to me  took a  liking to me,  and as excited and pleased  by whole prospect of a beautiful tribeswoman becoming mine, I knew it was probably not allowed, as it was explained to me  it was not accepted among them, and was   forbidden for someone outside of the tribe to  be married to one of their own as this keeps the bloodline pure and the identity of the tribe safe and it brings honour to their ancestors.  I respectfully explained that it was never my intention to interfere with their cultural tradition  and i thanked them for explaining their way of life to me, as two more days had passed, it was time for me to take my leave of this amazing people as I was about to be on my way  I was given medicinal  tree barks and plant roots and told how to use it if  and when needed . I said my goodbyes and headed out because I still needed to get to the nepelang monument up river after all that was the reason for my trip to the amazon forest in  the first place so I left the tribespeople and begun my long walk once more.

Saturday, 24 June 2017

Adventures of royland-hot*1

         Trip to  volcano island
                Part one

I was heading out to sea once again  but this time  not  for the fish or the ocean view but to look for an island lost to history, it was nicknamed volcano island because of having many small volcanoes taking over the island surface,  and  that a possible tribe settlement still lived there after all these years really excited me, I did not know if they are of the nepelang  people or not but they  are said to be good with their hands and have a rich cultural  lifestyle  and are a very advanced people I wanted to do own experiment with the island.
    I was  very excited about getting to the island and doing my own investigation of  it's tribe's people  , as  my digging crew and I was about thirty minutes out when we saw smoke ascending and what seemed to be old stone walls so we knew that it was still inhabited by people. however we had no idea of knowing if they are the kind of people to be  violent or welcoming to strangers but we were about to find out,
As  soon as we step foot on the beach we saw a little girl coming towards us with flowers in her hands to meet us. At first I  was confused as  to why a child will be running out to meet us but I knew from past  experiences Situations like this can be a test of some kind  from the tribes people for first contact situations, or it can be dangerous trap leading to an ambush of some sort, so I  knelt down to the  small child and accepted the flowers and smiled and I told my  dig crew to do the same .
    And then the islanders came out to meet us with  Spears in one hand and baskets  full of fruits  in the other hand and saying welcome  to us, in our own English  language  but more like a Victorian old style of English they sounded strange saying it with their tribal slang, but we became so relieved that  they are a friendly kind of people,  they now stepped aside for their elders to greet us who  explained that we needed to get inland, away from the sea as they lived  in the middle of the island, as we got closer to the middle of the island  to the settlement  of the tribe I notice that their home was a large  building with some partial nepelang markings. And just as I was getting excited  We were told to stop and wait and follow what  the  elders say.
so I told  my crew to jut follow everything that they are told to do so as  not to needlessly offend anyone,
As we go inside the building I noticed that the we started to walk slowly down a slope,
as it turns out  the building was designed with a slope for a reason as I later learned it was to help gather rain water which was very valuable to the tribes people because of the  continuous hot temperatures of  the island water gets easily evaporated on the island's surface
So they catch the water as the rain falls and would allow it flow down to be stored underground.
     As we get all the way down to my surprise there was a extremely large structure Underground full of rooms and compartments with gold writing on the walls all the way down on both sides as far as can be seen  these people were  more advanced than I thought and without a doubt it was all nepelang language and cultural markings all over  I was very excited to see and learn more.


Adventures of royland - y tail*2

   The day I met a yellow tail
                   Part two

as soon as I  had a better understanding as how these people came to have this yellow tail .  I decided to  asked the Chief why I was  being tied up with the Vines he explained to me his tribe had  met an outsider before  but he tried to trick them  saying that he  came in peace but  all he was really after was  our green rocks .

Now apparently this green Rock was nothing but large natural raw uncut jade stones that was all over  the land even what appeared to be the ceremonial sitting stool of the chief was nothing but a large polished  nicely shaped  jade stone and even the tribes people had a small Jade stone around their ankles fastened with a piece of leather, so it was obvious that this jade stone or green rock as they called it was something very valuable and ceremonially important to them .
  So I immediately explain to the chief  and to  all his people who were now all staring at me because of thinking that I was a  thief or  deceiver, that I came in  peace and I  have no knowledge of your  tribes existence before today, and I did not wanted any of their green Rocks and I  promise to keep it a secret from the rest of the world.
   But the Chief explained to me
that in in order for me to be  allowed to leave they will  have to  keep me there for some time in order to test me to see if I was  trustworthy or not I agreed to stay and they untied my hands.
So I was put to sit down on the ground  and they give me water to drink now the woman I had met earlier whose name was galis as I had just learned came over to me and told me to stand up and follow her, so I did and she took me into the chief  who happened to be her uncle and her only surviving relative.
  I was told to sit down facing the chief  so I obeyed her, after all I really wanted these people to trust me so I did as I was told, food was  brought  to me to eat.
    It was a staple diet consisting of roots  Berries fish nuts and large lizard meat was all that they would eat ,so I eat the same thing  not wanting to needlessly offend anyone.
  So as the hours went on I was  allowed to visit around the village and interact with the people who are more trusting with me now that the chief and  their princes had accepted me as time went in me and the princess got to know each other a little as she followed me all over explaining everything about her people and their isolated culture. by the end of the second day I was playing with the children and learning about art and having my face painted and dancing along with them even though I did not know how to  sing in the nepelang language I definitely enjoyed the music and dancing.
  the chief had sent for me indicating that time had come for me to leave them and go back out to my own people and  that I had proven to be trustworthy.   and at that very moment I felt like i had really made a connection with these people but I knew that I had to  leave at some point so as I was about to leave galis comes up to me and kisses me and hugs  me in front of her uncle and started crying  and I smiled because  this was the  very same woman who tried to kill me the first time we met, so I said my goodbyes and I left them trying my best not to cry so galis walks with me as I go back the way we had come in, she followed me all the way to the Base of the tower that we met at we hugged and we  kissed and as I walk away I started to cry a little knowing that it was the last time I will ever see galis and her people  and that was the end of my  very enjoyable  adventure, with the lost tribe of the yellow tail nepelang people .

Friday, 23 June 2017

Adventures of royland - y tail

      The day I met a yellow tail 

                    #  Part one

I was climbing up the side of an ancient nepelang tower it was kind of slippery and wet as the rain had just fallen I carefully climbed up examining the markings on the wall as i go up after all that was my job as an archeologist and    anthropologist.
   As I got closer to the top  I saw a shadow In an opening in what  seemed to be a window of some kind so I looked inside and to my  Shock  and surprise I saw  a woman sitting in the sunlight coming from the other side of the tower so I decided to go in to take a look because no  one was  supposed to be there 

 I tried to approach her but as soon as she saw  me approaching she throw a  spear at me it closely missed my head I tried to explain that I was not a dangerous person and  she answered me with the nepelang language which was impossible because the nepelang people are all extinct and only ruins of their culture and passed lives are left behind on monuments like the one I was standing in I could not speak the language  verbally but I could understand and read it .
  she tells  me no one is allowed to be in the tower  but her people now I become even more confused so I wrote on the  mossy wall with my finger asking her to take me to her people as she tells me to follow her but as she turned around I saw she has a tail  she looks back and sees me looking at her tail and shouted at me to stop it, that it was a sign of disrespect for someone other than her father to look at her tail, so I curiously follow her to see her people, which I am still in disbelief about,  as I  know this woman is not even suppose to exist but I went along with her ,and as we got to her people they all bowed down to her that is  when I realize that she was some kind of royalty or something, the Chief of the tribe comes up to me and points a  bamboo rod  at me at this the warriors  tied me  up with Vines
and its then I notice that they all have a small yellow tail I wrote in the  muddy sand with my toes I come in piece the Chief now ask me how I know their language I explained to him that in the outside world people had been studying the ancient markings of the nepelang people for hundreds of years and he said that his tribe was cut off from his ancestors for being  cursed because of having a tail .
He Tells me it all started when a fire rock fell into the river and the people begin to drink of it's water and got sick and then they all  started to grow a tail now  so all the generations after were  born with the yellow tail.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017


If we give ourselves time to examine people around us we will definitely see that most are all fixed on their own careers Riches and everything that comes with it sometimes even their own families take the back stage
People's priorities are certainly different now than they were 10 to 15 years ago

Blane r bunbury