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Tuesday, 11 July 2017


           The pumpkin patch

Walking  through my pumpkin patch,
Just  swinging my  little old cricket bat, As I walk through happily
All the birds come flying
down to eat, So as they start on their attack I begin to swing my little old bat,
Trying to chase them away you see ,because each of my pumpkin is very dear to me,
I can only hope they will just fly off Peacefully 
Leaving my work and me to be,
Wishful thinking I always say
Because from day  to day
they seem to always come out to play, So as I start another day on time even with a gleam of Hope and  sadness
I will be Protecting each of my  pumpkin Vines
Because to me they are truly  divine.               
                  Blane r bunbury

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