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Tuesday, 14 November 2017


I am humanity

I am made of different colors, which are just as numerous as the many types of flowers,
I am sometimes fast or slow, Depending on the emotions I want to show,
  I always fight within myself, not knowing what to do, it's like I always have a different point of view,
I love, I hate, I laugh, I cry, but I never give up, no matter how hard I have to try,
  Sometimes I hunger or I thirst, or I eat so much that I really believe that I just might burst,
  I can be short, or tall, sometimes big or sometimes small, but I really enjoy the differences of them all,
               Blane r Bunbury

Ik ben de mensheid    

Ik ben gemaakt van verschillende kleuren, die net zo talrijk zijn als de vele soorten bloemen    Ik ben soms snel of langzaam,  Afhankelijk van de emoties die ik wil laten zien,   Ik vecht altijd in mezelf, niet wetende wat ik moet doen, het is alsof ik altijd een ander gezichtspunt heb,    Ik hou van, ik haat, ik lach, ik huil, maar ik geef nooit op, hoe hard ik ook moet proberen,    Ik heb soms honger, en ik dorst, of ik eet zoveel dat ik echt geloof dat ik alleen zal barsten,     Ik kan kort zijn, of lang, soms groot of soms klein, maar ik geniet echt van de verschillen van allemaal,                                             
                Blane r Bunbury

Sunday, 12 November 2017



    It bricks my heart so much to see, that our children cannot  really be free,
    That my small little friends can  sometimes truly be, in a world that only brings them pain and misery,
  I will never forgive those who innocence steal, to our children  they should always feel, our protection over them like a protective seal,
   Never should we betray  their trust, showing care, love and protection that is worthy of our honest  and purest  trust.
                  Blane r bunbury

Sunday, 5 November 2017

anniversary #1

Our anniversary

On this our anniversary I think of our love, that was a blessing from above,
  The thoughts of you fill my heart with love, because you are indeed my one true love,
   On this our anniversary may we enjoy the love and warmth we have built, and may our life forever continue with love as it has always been filled.


Saturday, 21 October 2017

The love letter

The love letter

  I wrote a love letter to myself, telling me to get off the shelf,
   And to my surprise I was looking for love in the wrong places, in a world of nothing but wide open spaces,
   I was truly deceived by me,
Thinking I knew of the way it should be, but it is only now that I truly see,
   That the first person who needed to love and accept who I am, was always at hand,
  I was the one who needed to encourage myself to be strong, and to always hold on,
   I was the one who needed to  be the first one to love me, for the great person I could  someday possibly be,
  Before others could truly appreciate and  love me, I needed to be the first one to love me, and it was only then I was truly happy and free,
                 Blane r bunbury

Monday, 16 October 2017

under skin

    Under skin

To Markus sometimes it always seems, like no one can understand the pain he truly feels,
   He always has to put on his outer skin, as though to keep up with the appearance of having a life that is  always trail,
   Poor Markus trouble seems to his only friend, around Every bend,
     From losing his job to losing some of his family members in death, all he seems to be able to do is fret,
   But Markus is amazing and strong, constantly looking for a way to hold on,
   Willing to give his best to others somehow brings him joy,
To him the life of others is precious and  should not be treated like a toy,
   So hopefully one day he will not have to put on his under skin, and he will live a life that is completely filled,
                     Blane r bunbury

Friday, 13 October 2017

Accepted views of others

     Accepted views of others

A few of my friends are somewhat disabled or as I like to say differently able,
   I am always conscious of my view of them, always respectful  never wanting to offend,
    Beautiful, strong, and great with songs, are just some of amazing things that make them so brilliant and strong,
   I am amazed at their wisdom and their ability to see the world  so differently from me,
    I deeply care about all of my friends and they are ones I will always defend,
    No matter how sometimes the world may view them as out of place, in my heart they truly can never be replaced,
                  Blane r bunbury